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This memorial website was created in the memory of my daughter, India Barrow who was born in Columbus, GA  on September 22, 1998 and passed away on February 15, 2004 at the age of 5 . This site is dedicated to not only India, but to the memory of all children who have had their lives cut short. We never had the chance to mend the wrongs committed but know that I am sorry for any pain you may have endured. Our relationship was supposed to be an example to the world.  Although I know I may have children in the future, you are my heart and my one and only "Special Little Lady". "Gone But Not Forgotten". Until I see you again , Daddy Loves You .........
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Tributes and Condolences
Missing you   / NANA (Maternal Grandmother )
I love you always baby.
Happy 18th BIrthday   / Dexter Barrow (Father)
Today would have been the day that you became a young woman. I wish so badly that I could share today with you, here with all of us...Missing You Baby Girl...Daddy
Happy Birthday!!   / NANA LINDA (Paternal Grandmother )
Just wanted to stop by and say Happy Birthday to Nana's baby. I love you and I miss you. My heart is comforted in knowing that you are having a party with Jesus!!
Always!  / Linda Harris (Paternal Grandmother )
Thinking of you! I carry you in my heart ALWAYS!!!
Merry Christmas Baby   / Dexter Barrow (Father)
Missing You As Usual....
Thinking of you  / LINDA("NANA") HARRIS (Paternal Grandmother )    Read >>
My Girl  / Linda Harris (Paternal Grandmother )    Read >>
i miss you  / Keyandre "kekeray" Harris (uncle)    Read >>
I miss you  / Nana (Paternal Grandmother )    Read >>
I MISS YOU  / KeyAndre "kekeray" (Uncle)    Read >>
Your Loss  / Janie Suleiman (visitor)    Read >>
I miss you!!  / "NANA" (Paternal Grandmother )    Read >>
Little girl  / CHARRYLIN PIGGE' (VISTOR)    Read >>
very sorry for your loss  / Kim Mercer (visitor)    Read >>
What a beautiful little ANGEL....  / Carrie Webster ((Visitor))    Read >>
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"Daddy's Little Angel". This is India. At the time of this picture she was one.
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